The Region

Always surrounded by the sea, since the ancient times that Sines has records of human populations. The celts, the visigoths, the moors and the romans are among the inhabitants of the area.
In the 14th century Sines becomes a town in 1362 by Dom Pedro I, who demands the building of the castle to protect the coast.
Much later in 1914, the big restauration of the area beggings. in 1970, derived from the industrial expansion, the Sines county changes. The population increases, the landscape changes and the community ensures for their lives and the comfort of their families.

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The Sines Museum and the Vasco da Gama house, inaugurated in 2008, located in the interior wall of the Castle is something you cannot miss. Learn more about the history of the great navigator Vasco da Gama and the place he lived in.
Right next to the Allmar Hostel is the Emmerico Nunes Cultural Center, always with paintings, photography and comic book exhibitions from the local artists of the region.
The Sines Art Center is also a art and culture booster. There are exhibitions, shows, production debuts, and short story reading.
The Mother Church of São Salvador next to the castle, was remodeled in the 18th century and features a painted ceiling by Emmerico Nunes.
The statue of Vasco da Gama was inaugurated in 1970, 400 years after his birth. It’s located 20m from the mother church, with Sines’ best view over the Atlantic.


Allmar Hostel has the previleged view over the Vasco da Gama beach, the main beach of Sines. There are many more beaches within the county like the São Torpes beach, Morgavel beach, Vale Figueiros beach, the greater beach of Porto Côvo and the Pessegueiro Island beach, all of which have been European Blue Flag winners in the recent years.

Surrounded by the sea, at our table there are two things that are never missing: fish and shellfish. The typical dishes of our region are the feijoada de búzios (shells and beans), açorda de marisco (shellfish/shrimp with bread soup), migas com peixe frito (fried fish with bread), arroz de marisco (shellfish and rice), shellfish salad, ovas (fish roes). These are some of the delicacies, always cooked with fresh ingredients from the region. Regarding the sweets, you can always try our “vasquinhos” and the “areias” of Sines.

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