Allmar Hostel

Allmar Hostel is located in the city of Sines. Part of the Alentejo coast, it will provide you marvellous walks by the sea or in countryside regions where you can watch plenty of the existing flora and fauna; the possibility to explore the beautiful and high quality beaches hidden between slopes and cliffs and to practice nautical activities like surf, windsurf, diving, underwater fishing – among others. You can also visit natural reserves like the Sado estuary, the Santo André lagoon, the natural reserve of the southeastern Alentejo and Vicentina coast and, who knows, adventuring through the paths of the Vicentina route in a total of 350km between the city of Santiago do Cacém and the cape of São Vicente.

We can add the flavours of the fantastic gastronomy, giving special feature to the confection of fish and shellfish. Culturally, Sines is also a city with a lot to explore, starting with the World Music Festival – Festival Músicas do Mundo internationally known as one of the most prestigious World Music festivals, and a wide cultural agenda regarding music, theatre and dance.

Allmar Hostel, located right in the historic center of Sines, embraces the castle and the statue of portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama. Facing the Sines bay, you can appreciate the magnific sunset from our rooms’ balcony or, who knows, go down to the Vasco da Gama beach and swim in the calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. You will have at your disposal 5 private rooms and 3 dormitories (1 feminine and 2 mixed). Also at your disposal, a shared living room where you can enjoy a calm and informal environment, playing table games, computers with internet connection or relaxing with music, the company of a good book or just contemplating the panoramic view over the Sines bay. There is also the meal zone where breakfast is served and you can cook your own meals.

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